"Lisp is a programmable programming language." -- John Foderaro
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The third European Lisp Workshop was held on July 3 in Nantes, France, in co-location with ECCOP 2006.
It was sponsored by the Association of Lisp Users and Ravenbrook.

Didier Verna received the best paper award for his paper Beating C in Scientific C in Scientific Computing Applications. Congratulations!

Nick Levine gave a keynote talk entitled: How to stay poor, with macros and closures. The abstract is given below:

Or at least: how to have a good time with them, albeit not becoming desperately rich in the process. The tale is a personal one. I'll start with some of the influences that lead me to taking naturally to lisp in the first place. A number of examples will then be milked, more to illustrate two decades of the abovementioned good time than to attempt to say anything deep about either macros or closures. For one of these decades I was a lisp implementor, for the other an end user; the combination of experiences has been a rich one. We'll conclude with a talk I gave to a local group of non-lispers in May this year - "Success with Macros and Closures" - and with an audience question that has given me more than a little pause for thought. Since it's 9 o'clock on a Monday morning, there will be opportunities for audience participation.


Agent-based framework to simulate metabolic processes Paper Slides
Beating C in Scientific Computing Paper Slides
Integrating Foreign Libraries in Common Lisp: Best Practices Paper Slides
Some Lisp Tools for Musicology Paper Slides
Simulation of Quantum Computations in Lisp Paper Slides

Breakout Groups

Lisp Hardware Revisited Abstract
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