"Lisp is really two languages: a language for writing fast programs and a language for writing programs fast." -- Paul Graham
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The fifth European Lisp Workshop was held on July 7 in Paphos, Cyprus, in co-location with ECCOP 2008.
It was sponsored by Lispworks Ltd, Franz Inc, the Association of Lisp Users and EPITA.

Rich Hickey gave a keynote talk entitled: A Detailed Look at the Lisp Nature of Clojure. The abstract is given below:

The small essential core of Lisp makes dialects easy to define and implement. Most dialects are viewed skeptically by the community, as their features can be realized via the extensibility mechanisms of Scheme or Common Lisp. However, functional programming, interoperability, extensibility and concurrency objectives call for different decisions at many Lisp design points. Meeting those objectives in a Lisp dialect testifies to the continued vitality of the Lisp idea. This talk will provide a rationale for Clojure as a substantive and unique dialect of Lisp, and details of its design and implementation on the JVM.

Mark Tarver gave a keynote talk entitled: Lisp for the 21st Century. The abstract is given below (and here are the slides):

As Lisp reaches its 50th anniversary, the talk looks at some of the reasons why Lisp has not found a wider acceptance amongst the programming community. Part of the reasons lie in a vicious cycle between education and industry within which Lisp is trapped. One solution is the L21 project - to produce a rationalized and revised update of Lisp for the C21. Qi fits many of the constraints of the L21 project. The talk concludes on what needs to be done within Qi and the Lisp world to bring Lisp to the center stage.


Adaptive Libraries and Interactive Code Generation for Common Lisp Paper Slides
make-method-lambda Considered Harmful Paper Slides
Software Abstractions for Description Logic Systems Paper Slides
Using Data Parallelism in Lisp for Implementing a Quantum Simulator Paper Slides
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